1. All Players to be registered with the Match Secretary. Such registration to cost 80 per Team and Name of Players to be notified on Entry Form.
  2. No player can be registered for more than ONE team in the League. The Match Secretary to furnish when called upon, a list of such players registered. Captains MUST inform the Match Secretary or any committee member when signing on any new player BEFORE any match begins.
  3. Players registered for one team CANNOT play for any other team during the season after 31st December each year, except with the permission of the League Committee. Teams playing unregistered players will forfeit the points, these being awarded to the opposing team.
  4. Result Cards to be sent to Match Secretary within 96 hours or points lost.
  5. All matches to be played on Home and Away Alleys. All teams to nominate their Alley at time of entry.
  6. Off the spot rule: amended AGM 2019. ALL pins have to be knocked over to count. Pins OFF the spot remain where they are and do not count until knocked over.
  7. All games will start by 8.30pm. If one team is not there, then the side present may CLAIM THE POINTS.
  8. CUSH BALLS: Balls hitting the side of the Alley before hitting a pin down will NOT count. Pins knocked down by Cush Ball to STAY DOWN.
  9. All games to be played UP and DOWN.
  10. The balls MUST pitch on the players side of the white line.
  11. Any Player NOT arriving by the time the THIRD HAND is played, his/her score will NOT count.
  12. The front pin on all alleys must be marked WHITE.
  13. No PINS are to be used in League games protected by a rubber band.
  14. No added part to the Alley, other than the original structure, to be used in League Games.
  15. All sections to be played on a promotion basis.
  16. Alleys must NOT be POLISHED behind the White Playing Line.
  17. All rearranged games have to be played within one month of the date of the original fixture. The match can be played on opposing or a neutral alley providing both teams agree. The Match Secretary MUST be informed. ALL fixtures MUST be fulfilled by the end of the season.
  18. RESERVES: Should the reserve be called upon to play in the team after the Statutory 3rd Hand, his/her score as a reserve does NOT count. He/she MUST, therefore, throw again as a member of the Team. The opposing Captain to decide his/her order of play. This also applies for any injured player.
  19. No reserves to be played if game not started by 8.45pm.
  20. No more than 2 reserves for each team to play per game.
  21. Each Team must be represented by at least one player at the Annual General Meeting, which is held before the start of each season. Teams NOT represented WILL NOT be accepted for the forthcoming season subject to 1988 amendment. (Each Team has 1 vote). (From the 2006 AGM; Teams not attending will have 4 points deducted in the following season. Rule 21 can also be applied.)
  22. Maximum number of Teams allowed on any one establishment is 7.
  23. Minimum notice to cancel a match is 48 HOURS.
  24. Maximum size of Ball to be 5.5 inches in Diameter.
  25. Each alley to have a MAXIMUM of 3 balls available to players.
  26. From September 2012 no team may change alley if this means they cannot play on the correct night.
  27. The size of the diamond on any alley should be a maximum of 1380mm and a minimum of 1220mm, left to right and back to front.


Knockout and Nomination Cup 

  1. In the event of a drawn game, extra hands to be played until a result is achieved.
  2. ALL FINALS to be played on any alley in Sturminster Newton, alley to be chosen by committee.
  3. Semi-Finals to be played on Neutral Alleys.

NOMINATION & TOLLY CUP RULES (Revised July 2017). 

  • 4.1 Before any score can be counted the front pin MUST be the first pin to fall after being struck by a ball.
  • 4.2 Should the front pin fall over without being struck by a ball then the score is NOUGHT.
  • 4.3 If the front pin remains standing but other pins fall, the fallen pins do not count and remain DOWN.
  • 4.4 The front pin still has to be knocked down by a ball (as per rule 4.1) before proceeding.
  • 4.5 The player then has to clearly nominate any one of the remaining pins.
  • 4.6 The nominated pin must be the next pin to be knocked down by a ball before any score can be counted.
  • 4.7 If the nominated pin remains standing and other pins fall, then these pins do not count and remain down.
  • 4.8 The nominated pin must be the next pin to be knocked down by a ball before the player can nominate another pin.
  • 4.9 If all the pins are knocked down (flopper) as per rule 4.1, then all pins are put back into play and rule 4.1 applies again.
  • 4.10 If the nominated pin and the remaining pins are all knocked down and the player still has balls to play then the previous frame only is to be put back into play, then play commences at rule 4.6.

Individual Cups 

  1. ALL games (Excluding the Veterans Cup) to be played Person to Person across the Board. In case of a draw, a coin to be tossed and 3 balls each to be played until a winner is found.
  2. On individual cup nights each player to pay 1.50 to cover Sticker Ups.
  3. Any player NOT on Alley by 9.15pm not eligible to play unless by prior arrangement with Opponent and Committee.
  4. CAPTAINS CUP - Captains ONLY eligible to play unless by approval of Committee.
  5. Entrants for the Senior Players Cup must be 55 years by January 1st.
  6. Entrants for the Veterans Cup must be 70 years by January 1st.
  7. Players entered into the Veterans Cup are not eligible to enter the Senior Players Cup as well.
  8. The Veterans cup to be played Person to Person across the board one hand at a time and then down to the next pair.

    Under 18's Cup 

    1. To qualify players MUST BE UNDER 18 years of age before the start of the season in the current year the League commences.
    2. Scores to count on both HOME and AWAY LEAGUE MATCHES ONLY.
    3. To qualify, the players score must be part of the team result on the night. Reserve scores do not count.



    Individual or Team 

    1. For receiving one complaint a written warning.
    2. For receiving two complaints within three years a written warning that a further complaint could lead to suspension from the league.
    3. Players or teams would be given the right to appeal against suspension in writing on or before a date to be decided by the committee.
    4. The committee reserves the right to suspend any player or team at any time if the misconduct is considered serious enough to warrant immediate action, rights of appeal still apply.
    5. Maximum number of committee members including officers will be fifteen (15).