High Scores 

Season 2023/2024 

GENTS (AWAY)Tom WhiteUnstopabulls73 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)W.CooperHalsey A53 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Sarah PaveyMerry Mixers53 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Alex BealingLads and Dads68 Pins
KNOCKOUT CUPJim PhilipsCountry Squires72 Pins
NOMINATION CUPDave BaggShunters66 Pins
TOLLY CUPMax TopiciuAlchoholic Antelopers59 Pins

Season 2022/2023 

GENTS (AWAY)Mark RowlandCountry Cousins75 Pins
GENTS (AWAY)Jamie BlakeleyBarbarians75 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Becky DonnellyDaddlers61 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Freddie PikeRamblers68 Pins
KNOCKOUT CUPRichard StrangerCountry Cousins66 Pins
NOMINATION CUPDave BaggShunters67 Pins
TOLLY CUPT.RoseNine Pins56 Pins

Season 2021/2022 

GENTS (AWAY)P. CourtBarbarians77 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)W. CooperHalsey 'A'59 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Toby JeanesSandley Amateurs55 Pins
KNOCKOUT CUPPaddy CourtBarbarians73 Pins
NOMINATION CUPMark RowlandCountry Cousins66 Pins
TOLLY CUPAlex HawtreeThe Dannies62 Pins

Season 2020/21 


Season 2019/2020 

GENTS (AWAY)Martin PowellStourpaine Hopefuls75 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Kim CraneCagwags56 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Toby JeanesSandley Amateurs57 Pins
KNOCKOUT CUPNeil SimsEL Marques 69 Pins
NOMINATION CUPRob WebberShunters60 Pins
TOLLY CUPAlex Hawtree The Dannies 57 Pins


Season 2018/2019 

GENTS (AWAY)Andrew LongDaddlers73 Pins
GENTS (AWAY)Russell TrowbridgeShunters73 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Karen HudsonWanna B,s70 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Liam TuckPirates70 Pins
KNOCKOUT CUPPaul TraversHammers78 Pins
NOMINATION CUPJamie BealeUnstopabulls72 Pins
TOLLY CUPRichard WhiteHit n Miss60 Pins


Season 2017/2018 

GENTS (AWAY)Bryan StrangerCountry Cousins83 Pins
GENTS (AWAY)Gary CurtisStourpaine Hopefulls83 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Heather ChaffeyRoyal Oak Ladies68 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Jamie BlakeleyBarbarians74 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPPete BremberStalbridge Hopefulls73 pins
NOMINATION CUPJames BanksShunters69 Pins
TOLLY CUPAndy BallSpot On67 Pins

Season 2016/2017 

GENTS (AWAY)A.J.RoseUnstopabulls81 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Jill OliverAntelope Amateurs65 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Jamie BlakeleyBarbarians71 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPPaul TraversHammers80 Pins
NOMINATION CUPSam Pike & Shaun WintonRamblers64 Pins
TOLLY CUPSam CrockerSandley Amateurs63 Pins

Season 2015/2016 

GENTS (AWAY)Bryan StrangerCountry Cousins85 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Louise UdellSilver Bullets70 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Ryan WhitePuffing Billies68 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPRobert CorbenRoyal Oak Dragons74 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPMartin Adlam Bryanston Diamonds 74 Pins
NOMINATION CUPR.WebberShunters73 Pins
TOLLY CUPT.RoseNine Pins63 Pins

Season 2014/2015 

GENTS (AWAY)Jon ForshawJesters80 pins
GENTS (AWAY)Paul CuffStur Lions80 pins
LADIES (AWAY)Alison CroadDrifters71 pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Liam Pearce El Marques 69 pins
KNOCK OUT CUPAndy BealeBarbarians79 Pins
NOMINATION CUPA J RoseUnstopabulls68 Pins
TOLLY CUPD TrewThe Dannies61 Pins

Season 2013/2014 

GENTS (AWAY)Brad BarfootSandley Amatures82 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Karen HudsonWanna Bs'70 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME AND AWAY)Liam PearceEl Marque75 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPColin MoxhamLeyton Cricketers75 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPMike BarterCountry Squires75 Pins
NOMINATION CUPMartin WebberBryanston Diamonds65 Pins
TOLLY CUPAlister Barbet-WoodsKnock em Downers50 Pins

Season 2012/2013 

GENTS (AWAY) C. MilesStourpaine Hopefuls97 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)N.BartlettOkeford Lads88 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME & AWAY) R. DurstonGaggle of Geese83 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPJ. Witcher & L.PearceEl Marques66 Pins
NOMINATION CUPWill YoungUnstopabulls73 Pins
TOLLY CUPTony MillsSpitfires60 Pins

Season 2011/2012 

GENTS (AWAY) Paul CuffStur Lions76 Pins
GENTS (AWAY)Fred DouchCag Wags76 Pins
LADIES (AWAY)Natasha BartlettOkeford Lads72 Pins
UNDER 18'S (HOME & AWAY)Ashley YoungMarnhull Cricket Club71 Pins
KNOCK OUT CUPMartin PowellCanada Rocks71 Pins
NOMINATION CUPMark RowlandBarbarians73 Pins
TOLLY CUPDave BerryDrifters60 Pins