Sturminster Newton Skittles League News 2023/24 

Good luck to all teams this season. 


The Sturminster Newton Skittle League Committee 



As per the AGM held on the 13th July. 

The committee held a special meeting on the 19th July to decide how the  

Leagues would be formed for the up and coming season. 

It was decided to make the following changes:- 

A section 12 teams, B section 12 Teams, C section 8 teams, D section 8 teams. 

The C and D sections will play each team in their sections 3 times in the season. 

(fixtures to be announced later). 

Promotion and relegation will change and be as follows:- 

A section 2 down, B section 2 up-1 down, C section 1 up-1 down, D section 1 up. 


This will have to change moving forward and we will have to go to 3 sections  

for the season 2024-2025 only if we continue to lose teams. 

If you have any comments or veiws please contact by using the "contact us" tab. 

An email will be sent to all Captains asking you to veiw this new set up. 



The Sturminster Newton Skittle League Committee













Knock-Out Cup

Sturminster Newton Skittles League 2013/14 Season